Friday, March 20, 2015

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Comfort Bale

One thing present in Real Madrid match in last couple before. Whistling. whistling irony is often aimed to Real Madrid player's were declining in the second period of this season 2014/205. purcahesed with 91 milion euro from Totenham Hotspur Bale haven't been able to show great performance which is satisfactory on that second year at Real Madrid. less determination and creation, even complained lazy to help defensive work by his colleagues.

come at last season, Gareth Bale actually able to show promising performance in the beginning on his performance, directly score a goal in first debut even his not too fit and in not 100% condition of fitness.

Real Madrid Management actualy not too push to  hard Garet Bale on the beginning appearance in first season. by choosing a patient approach, psychologically expected not to be burdened with his status as the most expensive palyer in the world. but patience has limits, entering secon season, Real Madrid fans and management seems to have not wait for great performance from Gareth Bale.

but it looks like Gareth Bale getting too much comfortable with his performance this time. at least it looks. the patience approch psychologically for not too burden with his status as most expensive world player seems like make Gareth Bale too comfortable,
 in fact too without the burden in the field to make the management and the fans angry

Criticism followed, the response is very different showed by Carlo Anceloti,  who previously defended strenuously when Casilas, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo when criticized, froze when Garet Bale criticized. This shows that there's something wrong with the performance Gareth Bale this season.


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