Friday, March 20, 2015

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Mohammad salah, will be the nexth Elsharawy?

 Series A Italy 2013/2014 enlivened with a wonderkid named Stephen elsharawy

AC Milan on that season selled stars player’s  especially killer striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and center back Thiago Silva plus retirement some veteran players, was predicted  will be in trouble in that season. Unexpectedly came a young man , that Stephen Elsharawy in the appearance, far more than ekspetation a lot of people. Pack 14 goals in half  season, shore up the position of AC Milan in position 3 part of the season. Glorify Elsharawy not continue on part of the summer. Often plagued with injuries, coupled with the presence of Mario Balotelli made elsharawy dims the light in the part of that second season.

The second half of this season of Serie A Italy League enlivened with the presence Egypt player : Mohammad Salah, on loan from Chelsea as part of the transfer Andreas Cuardado, M.Salah  be an important part in the body of Fiorentina in keeping desperate they are to snatch one of the tickets to the Champion League as well as desperate they are to keep moving forward in the Copa Italy and Europe Leauage this season.

M.Salah and Elsharawy. Yes.. two players who are both bloody Egypt, Has a typical game and the same position but lucky so different this season

But is it going to continue? Or M.Salah meet the same fate as Elsharawy?

If M.Salah don ' t want to meet the same fate with  elsharawy, M.salah should be learned a lot from what elsharawy experienced. Not much improved  game variation, always rely on speed and cutting inside to do shoting, make Elsharawy playing type easily to readed by competitor defender’s in Seri A.

Of course, we remember the brilliant action when defraud Juventus defender’s in the quarter Finals of Copa Italy. But do the actions similar will continue?

One way to keep the consistency of the game and scoring goals is to enrich the game variation and improvisation .transformed to be the players are unpredictable by defender’s opponent. In era of  information technology right now, cameras are everywhere, the video match recorded even easier once acquired, making analysis of the game a player fight to be easy.

Judging from the age of both the young actually, still in the stage of development, Fiorentina are a lot of full young player and in a trend that is uphill can arguably be a pretty ideal for M.Salah  to developing playing skill. The fate of different indeed experienced by Elsharawy, AC Milan with the majority of the players are veterans and with the trend that decreases increases Elsharawy hard-pressed to find a game best. How the rest of the both litlle Pharaoh's worth to look forward to.


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